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Angelee Borrero

Angelee Borrero

Manchester Township, NJ


I have been drawing since i was a kid - i still remember when i started to fall in love with art. My father has done little rough sketches and one day he drew a cowboy in profile with a gun and hat and i fell in love with it. For a few weeks all i did was try and draw it over and over again until i made it look like his. Since then i was hooked and thats were it started. I started drawing people i saw in movies and i would show my family and ask them if they knew who it was. It was then that i realized that if someone could tell me who i drew without a pause then i did a good job drawing it. So all i did was portraits to see how good i could get and how fast someone would be able to recognize them. So, since a kid all i did was portraits and i taught myself everything. I would just keep pushing myself to be better and get better and analyze what i was doing to try and better myself. As i got older i started to fall in love with tattoos and the art that goes behind it so i started to try and draw in a more graphic style because all i ever did since i was young was portraits so i didnt really know how to do anything graphic. People would ask me to draw something for them that seemed simple but for me it was hard because i had no experience drawing anything but portraits. I was a pretty good student in High School and i was in the AP art classes and could have gotten into a decent college with my art, but i decided to take a year off and really explore my art to see what i could do. It was then that i spent almost all my money investing in a real art desk, real drawing pencils instead of just a #2 pencil, acrylic paints, canvases, an easel and much more. For the first time i tried painting and drawing things i really didnt know how to draw. Now after 2 years of being out of school i am ready to go back and learn all i can and hopefully get some more viewers to try and make some money back because i have yet to sell anything. hahaha. But i dont plan to stop and hope things will one day take a turn for the better as far as sales so i can have some money for school and that i keep learning and keep growing as an artists and human being. Much love



Odell Beckham Jr. Drawing by Angelee Borrero


Bob Marley Drawing by Angelee Borrero


Fetty Wap Drawing by Angelee Borrero


Rashad Jennings Drawing by Angelee Borrero


Immortalizing In Stone Jean Michel Basquiat Drawing by Angelee Borrero


Victor Cruz Drawing by Angelee Borrero


Jean-Michel Basquiat Drawing by Angelee Borrero


J.Cole - 2014 Forest Hills Drive Drawing by Angelee Borrero


The Veronicas by Angelee Borrero


Eminem by Angelee Borrero


Jennifer Lopez by Angelee Borrero


J.Cole Post-It drawing by Angelee Borrero


Bruno Mars Post-It Drawing by Angelee Borrero


ASAP Rocky Post-It Drawing by Angelee Borrero


Miguel Cotto by Angelee Borrero


Rihanna by Angelee Borrero


Paul Rodriguez by Angelee Borrero


Travie McCoy by Angelee Borrero


Rihanna by Angelee Borrero


Ciara by Angelee Borrero


Zach Galifianakis by Angelee Borrero


Bruno Mars by Angelee Borrero


Camron by Angelee Borrero


Travis McCoy by Angelee Borrero


Jesus by Angelee Borrero


Kanye West by Angelee Borrero


Michael Jackson by Angelee Borrero


Obama by Angelee Borrero


House by Angelee Borrero


Mos Def by Angelee Borrero